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American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.

American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
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Diagnosis of Lyme disease: updates, issues, and insights
  • "Misdiagnosis of Lyme disease: when not to order serologic tests"
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  • "Executive Summary: 2nd Banbury Conference on the Laboratory Diagnosis of Lyme Disease", September 9-12, 2007
  • "Laboratory Diagnosis of Lyme Disease"
    R. B. Porwancher
    (A feature article written exclusively for posting on the ALDF website 12/9/08)
  • "Straight Talk About the Diagnosis of Lyme Disease"
    Phillip J. Baker, Executive Director, ALDF
    (a feature article written exclusively for posting on the ALDF website, 3/13/09)
  • "Natural killer cell counts are not different between patients with Post-Lyme disease syndrome and controls"
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  • "2-tiered antibody testing for early and late Lyme disease
    using only an immunoglobulin G blot with the addition of a
    VlsE band as the second-tier test.
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  • "Rapid, simple, and quantitative, and highly sensitive antibody detection for Lyme disease"
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  • "Unorthodox and Unvalidated Laboratory Tests in the Diagnosis of Lyme Borreliosis and in Relation to Medically Unexplained Symptom"
    Duerden, B.I.
    UK Health Protection Agency Official Report on Lyme Disease
  • "New insights into the Tyroleam Iceman's origin and phenotype as inferred by whole-genome sequencing"
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