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American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.

American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 466
Lyme, CT 06371

Other Tick-Borne Diseases

Worldwide, there are about 850 tick species and 30 major tick-borne diseases; the U.S. alone has 82 species of ticks collectively causing 10 major diseases listed below:

Lyme Disease
Tick Paralysis
Tick-borne Relapsing Fever
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Colorado Tick Fever
Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness (STARI)

Although this website deals primarily with the results of evidence-based research on Lyme disease, we simply do not have the resources to present the results of current research on the other tick-borne diseases listed above. We refer the reader to the CDC’s website ( where, by means of their alphabetical search mechanism, one can obtain relevant and recently updated information on each of these other diseases.